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Bolivia National Institute of Statistics (INE) launches its survey catalog (February 2010)

Country / Regional Activity: Bolivia
Date of Event: 05/02/2010

The National Institute of Statistics of Bolivia (INE) is the executive and technical head organization of the National Statistical Information System of Bolivia. To fulfill its duties in a framework of quality, timeliness accomplishment, transparency and relevance, INE decided to adopt international standards for the documentation, dissemination and preservation of its statistical data and metadata. These strategic actions are implemented in the framework of the National Strategic Plan for Development of Statistics (PENDE - Bolivia). INE makes use of the IHSN tools, which are implemented with the support of the Accelerated Data Program (ADP).

In 2009, INE staff and staff of other agencies of the National Statistical Information System received training on data archiving, provided by the ADP regional team.

So far, 43 datasets have been documented and catalogued in a National Data Catalog (ANDA) available at