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Frequently asked questions

1. How can my agency apply for ADP support?

Participation in the ADP starts with informal contacts with the ADP team. Such contacts are typically (but not necessarily) initiated by the national statistics office. Please contact us at for more information.

2. How long does it take to obtain ADP support?

The procedure has been simplified to allow faster decision-making and implementation. Once a formal request from a country or an agency is approved, the work program can be designed and finalized within eight weeks, after which implementation starts immediately.

3. How much funding is available?

The ADP team determines the funding amount allocated to a country or agency based on its specific work program. Funding from ADP is limited but can be very quickly mobilized at the country level. ADP funds can also be complemented by additional funding by other sponsors at local level.

4. How long does it take to implement ADP in a country?

National ADP work programs are typically implemented in 12 to 24 months. If ADP support is limited to a very specific activity, however, this period can be much shorter. If ADP support is requested for statistical harmonization, the period will be longer. Busy local agenda and lower absorption capacities may also require additional time for implementation.

5. Does ADP oblige participating agencies to publicly disseminate microdata?

No. Data producers keep full ownership of their data and they decide on the most appropriate dissemination policy, within the framework of their national legislation. This being said, the objective of ADP is to foster better use of data, and therefore promotes the wider accessibility to data by the research community. The ADP promotes the IHSN guidelines on microdata dissemination - which are being used in several countries to make the necessary changes to the legal framework to allow safe access to safe microdata by safe users. 

6. Who finances ADP?

The ADP is financed primarily by the World Bank Development Grant Facility through a grant to the PARIS21 Secretariat at the OECD. ADP partners also contribute to financing some specific activities in countries. More details are available here.

7. What kind of support can ADP provide?

ADP provides specialized training, technical assistance (national and international consultants), and acquisition of software and hardware. It can also support regional cooperation activities in the areas of microdata management and dissemination. More details are available here.

8. Can ADP finance data collection?

In certain circumstances, ADP can contribute to the funding of specific processes in on-going surveys (i.e., data collection, processing, or analysis). In all cases, however, ADP funds will be limited and will only complement other sources of funding.

9. Can ADP provide support to national accounts?

No. ADP is strictly related to the documentation, preservation, dissemination, harmonization, collection and analysis of microdata from censuses, surveys, or administrative data collection systems. Activities that are not directly related to these areas will not be supported by the ADP.

10. Can ADP support non-official data producers?

Yes. Any data producers who has valid surveys and is eager to improve access to and quality of its data is welcome to contact us at

If this list doesn't provide you with the answers you need, please send us your questions at .