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Support for whom?

The ADP is currently supporting agencies in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Participating agencies include:

  • Official data producers like national statistics offices and statistical units in line ministries (e.g., health, agriculture, education, etc.)
  • Non-official data producers like universities, data centers and NGOs
  • Survey data users (notably research centers); ADP supports the client orientation of producers to strengthen the feedback loop between data users and producers

To allow agency-specific support, ADP is primarily implemented at country level. To the extent possible, ADP supports the national statistical system as a whole, within the context of the existing coordination and strategic frameworks.

ADP welcomes the involvement of local technical and financial partners.

ADP also supports some activities at the regional level, when there are synergies with regional partners or when there is a need for cross-country exchange.

ADP fosters and supports collaboration among participating agencies; promotes the establishment of regional communities of practice; and promotes building local collaboration and south/south technical assistance for sustainability.