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Promote the use of survey (micro)data

ADP promotes the use of existing micro datasets, and supports agencies in developing and implementing outreach and advocacy programs targeting microdata users (i.e., universities, research centers, independent think tanks, NGOs, development partners, and others) to increase awareness of microdata availability and use of microdata. These outreach strategies are often articulated in Data Outreach Workshops (DOWs), which are provided when data producers follow an open microdata dissemination policy.

DOWs can take several forms depending on priorities, and can:

  1. Help in the finalization of access modes and procedures
  2. Focus on basic microdata analysis training which helps democratize research locally
  3. Focus on advanced analytical research for specific country priorities

Outputs for these activities include:

  1. Greater awareness of availability of microdata
  2. Increased capacity to use data and enhanced statistical literacy
  3. Improved dialogue between users and producers, which translates into greater user satisfaction