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Improve the quality of surveys

 ADP supports agencies in harmonizing and improving survey methods and practices. ADP can also assist agencies that do not have a coherent long-term survey program in strategizing their data collection activities.

This support always starts with assessment and analysis of existing data, and therefore it is crucial that agencies have inventoried and documented their survey practices and can provide detailed assessments of the surveys' strengths and weaknesses over time. This support requires the availability of fully documented survey datasets that are accessible to the supporting analysts and survey experts.

When addressing a specific domain like water and sanitation, livestock, or education statistics, this support typically requires the involvement of an international partner. In this regard, the ADP relies on the IHSN member agencies, but other partners are welcome to contribute.

Outputs for these activities include:

  1. Statistical reconciliation between data sources (including between survey sources and administrative data)
  2. Adoption and classification of international classifications and standards
  3. Increased methodological harmonization between different national agencies to increase the relevance and comparability of future data collection exercises

This support is articulated around the Question Bank application developed by the IHSN, which enables incremental development in this complex domain.