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The ADP’s goal is to increase the use and value of survey data. The ADP supports data producers and users in developing countries by helping them make better use of existing data and aligning survey programs and statistical outputs to priority data needs. 

This goal is being achieved by:

Making survey microdata more accessible

  • Carrying out inventory, documentation, dissemination and preservation of micro-datasets; establishing national and regional survey data repositories to make existing survey microdata more accessible to users; building capacity and implementing international best practices for survey data management
  • Launching or upgrading on-line national data cataloging systems in agencies
  • Building capacity in survey microdata anonymization and implementing international best practices of statistical disclosure control; carrying out technical assistance to unlock datasets which are currently not disseminated due to legal and ethical constraints related to privacy protection, relying on guidelines produced by various partners including the IHSN
  • Establishing national microdata dissemination policies; providing support to assist the data providers in designing and implementing formal microdata dissemination policies in countries where such policies are not available

Increasing microdata use and strengthening the demand

  • Developing and implementing outreach and advocacy programs targeting the microdata users (i.e., universities, research centers, independent think tanks, NGOs, development partners, and others) to increase awareness of microdata availability and use of microdata

Improving the quality of future surveys

  • Harmonizing and improving survey methods and practices
  • Assisting countries that do not have a coherent long-term survey program in strategizing their data collection activities.