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NADA 3.0 Training for Regional IT Specialists, Washington DC, USA (22-25 June 2010)

Country / Regional Activity: Global
Date of Event: 22/06/2010

The ADP and IHSN conducted a 4 day National Data Archive 3.0 (NADA 3.0) training workshop in Washington DC from 22 June to 25.
NADA 3.0 is a complete redesign of the IHSN's free web-based cataloging system. The new system boasts changes to the user interface such as an improved search function as well as functions to compare variables as well as more streamlined methods for displaying study resources. The administrator interface has also been improved to simplify the study upload workflow, create better reports, better manage data access types, create citations and customized topic vocabulary.
The workshop participants were IT specialists with experience in installing NADA 2.0 and who will be tasked with installing and upgrading NADA in their country and regions. The Participants were from the Philippines,
Mexico, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Paraguay, Tunisia and New Caledonia.

The workshop focused on:

Introducing the new NADA 3.0.
Training in NADA 3.0 installation.
Training in NADA 3.0 administration.
Training in NADA 3.0 customization.
Training in NADA 3.0 translation.
Getting feedback on functionality.

At the end of the workshop the participants expressed great enthusiasm for the new developments in NADA 3.0 and provided valuable feedback to the developers for improvements ahead of the final release. We look forward to seeing them implement the NADA 3.0 in their regions in the near future.

Back Left:
Abel Coronado, Leandre Ngogang Wandji, Juste Nitiema, Scott Pontifex, James Hemphill, Olivier Dupriez
Front Left:
Jing Jalisan, Hatem Sedghiani, Mehmood Asghar, Mercedes Rivaldi
Photographer: Matthew Welch