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ADP/AFRISTAT sub-regional training on NADA 3.0 organized in Bamako, Mali, 14-16 September 2010

Country / Regional Activity: Global
Date of Event: 08/09/2010

The ADP organized with AFRISTAT a sub-regional training on NADA 3.0 in Bamako on 14-16 September. Participants from National Statistics Offices from Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal attended the sessions. All but Cape Verde, Morocco and Mauritania already maintain a NADA on their websites.
This training follows a previous successful joint training on NADA 2.0, organized in 2008.

The workshop focused on:
- Introducing the new NADA 3.0.
- Training in NADA 3.0 installation.
- Training in NADA 3.0 administration.
- Upgrading from NAD2.0 to NADA3.0.
- Getting feedback on functionality.