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Burkina Faso INSD documents and archives its most recent surveys (September 2012)

Country / Regional Activity: Burkina Faso
Date of Event: 03/09/2012
The ADP funded and facilitated a DDI production workshop on 3-7 September 2012 in Koudougou, Burkina Faso. The workshop was hosted by the Institut National de la Statistique et de la Démographie (INSD) and was opened by its Director General, Pr Banza BAYA. 24 INSD staff persons attended and 10 surveys were documented. New INSD staff were trained on standards and tools for microdata management. INSD already has a NADA installed on their website with 10 surveys and is available at INSD has been experiencing some delays in disseminating surveys - which is being addressed now.