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Angola INE joins the ADP and builds capacity on microdata management (Luanda, Angola, November 2012)

Country / Regional Activity: Angola
Date of Event: 07/11/2012
Angola INE requested ADP support over the summer 2012, and joined ADP in October. INE held its first training workshop on microdata management in Luanda, 5-9 November 2012. INE received the tools enthusiastically and plans to institutionalize documentation, archiving and dissemination of survey microdata quickly. INE will be moving into a new building and will be projecting a renewed and dynamic image to the public. An ADP support project is being elaborated and it is expected that a public NADA will be available in March of 2014. NADA will be the portal to access survey metadata and microdata. NADA will be instrumental in the implementation of INE's microdata dissemination policy - which will be designed with ADP support.