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Mexico: INEGI progresses on survey documentation (September 2013)

Country / Regional Activity: Mexico
Date of Event: 01/09/2013

A Survey Metadata Production Workshop was held on September 1 – 13  for the Instituto Nacional Estatistica y Geografia (INEGI) in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Results were very promising as twenty-four staff members from INEGI documented a total of sixteen surveys during the workshop, which are now ready for review and approval before being published in INEGI’s NADA Catalog. In addition, eight more surveys will be finalized within the coming weeks. The INEGI is running the 4.1 version of the NADA Catalog on the National Metadata Network’s website, and now has sixty-three studies available for browsing: Opening and closing statements were provided by INEGI’s Management who stressed the importance and relevance of the ADP initiative for statistical production using DDI standard at INEGI.