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Burundi: ISTEEBU joins the ADP and organizes a training on microdata documentation and dissemination (February 2014)

Country / Regional Activity: Burundi
Date of Event: 03/02/2014

An IHSN Microdata Management Training and Survey Metadata Production Workshop were organized in Bujumbura on February 3-7, 2014 at the request of l’Institut de Statistiques et d’Etudes Economiques du Burundi (ISTEEBU). A total of nine participants from different departments of ISTEEBU participated in the workshop and documented eight surveys during the five-day period. In addition, the participants were informed on the use and importance of dissemination using the on-line archiving tool NADA. A specific training on the NADA installation, customization and maintenance was also provided to ISTEEBU's IT staff. A NADA 4.1 system with nine surveys from IHSN survey catalog and three produced during the workshop was set up on the ISTEEBU website ( The other surveys documented during the workshop will soon be published on INSTEEBU NADA after the metadata quality controls have been completed.

The training was facilitated by ADP regional consultants Mr. Martin MBA from Cameroon and Mr. Juste Nitiema from Burkina Faso. The opening session was chaired by the Director General of ISTEEBU. In his speech, he thanked to PARIS21 for the support on microdata management and highlighted the ongoing fruitful partnership between ISTEEBU and PARIS21 in the area of statistical capacity building. The ISTEEBU expressed interest in documenting all national surveys available in sectorial ministries. A survey inventory collection form was provided to ISTEEBU to report the valid surveys to be documented in coming months.