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Uganda: Bureau of Statistics consults users on microdata availability, access and use (March 2014)

Country / Regional Activity: Uganda
Date of Event: 19/03/2014

Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), with the support of ADP/PARIS21, hosted a two-day Microdata Outreach Workshop on March 19-20, 2014 near Kampala, to engage in dialogues with other data producers and key data users about microdata availability, access and use. About seventy participants representing data users and producers from line ministries, government agencies, research institutions, and NGOs attended the workshop.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Ben Mungyereza, the Executive Director of UBOS. He highlighted the unique challenges associated with microdata dissemination, and pointed out that exchanges between data producers and users are critical for bridging the gaps between users’ unmet demand for data and the large amount of existing data being unused and wasted. He encouraged more data producers to avail their data for use in planning and research.

UBOS presented its efforts in improving the availability, access and use of data, and demonstrated the National Data Archive hosted on the UBOS website cataloguing over sixty surveys and censuses. Statisticians from the Social Economic Statistics Directorate further explained the design process, implementation, and quality assurance measures behind the Uganda National Household Surveys to data users.

Data users shared their experience using microdata produced by UBOS. Mr. Bernard Sabiti, on behalf of the Development Research and Training (DRT), an NGO who chairs the Uganda Open Development Partnership, showed how DRT uses UBOS microdata to understand, track and redefine poverty and vulnerability.

Dr. Justine Nannyonjo, Director of the Bank of Uganda, presented on how UBOS data is being used by the Bank of Uganda (BOU). She conveyed the overall satisfaction with the data availability and quality, and revealed remaining issues with data disaggregation, revision, documentation and access.

Dr. Sarah Sewanyana, Executive Director of Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC), shared her insights on the changing environment in the international and national contexts. She presented on EPRC’s experience as a major user of household data produced by UBOS and their regular interaction with UBOS. She emphasized that microdata are essential for policy making, and users should always be in the driver’s seat.

Mr. James Muwonge, Director of the Social Economic Statistics Directorate and other producers from UBOS engaged in lively discussion with users and responded to their concerns, suggestions and questions. UBOS welcomed users to provide timely feedback to help improve data production and dissemination.

The final session of the workshop was devoted to consultations on the draft microdata access policy, currently under development by UBOS to further improve transparent and secured dissemination of microdata. UBOS assured participants that the issues and comments will be addressed and welcomed further input.

ADP’s partnership with UBOS dates back to 2006. With ADP support, UBOS has strengthened its microdata management capacity and launched the National Data Archive (NADA). ADP continues to support UBOS in the development of a Microdata Acces Policy.