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Sudan: Microdata Management Training and NADA installation (May 2014)

Country / Regional Activity: Sudan
Date of Event: 11/05/2014

At the request of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) of Sudan, an introductory session on data documentation and dissemination was held in Khartoum on May 11-15, 2014. Nineteen participants attended. Seven came from other ministries including: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Science and Communication, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries.

The training was facilitated by Mr. Haitham Zeidan from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS). PCBS is leading the effort in documentation and dissemination in the region. The CBS in Khartoum graciously received the ADP and a total of eight surveys were documented during the training. Our special thanks goes to Mr. Amin Daoud for organizing the training.

A total of eight surveys were documented. Two NADA systems were set up on a temporary server. One in English and another in Arabic. The surveys were uploaded and the system was left in working order.

The work program calls for the establishment of a permanent IP address and name. The ADP will provide further technical assistance to set up a server and assure that the metadata is available through their central web site.