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Senegal: Survey Metadata Production Workshop (April 2014)

Country / Regional Activity: Senegal
Date of Event: 18/04/2014

At the request of the Agence Nationale de la Statistique et de la Démographie (ANSD), the ADP carried out a Survey Metadata Production Workshop from April 14 – 18 2014. A total of twenty-two staff members from various departments of ANSD Senegal attended the workshop to document twenty surveys. The training was facilitated by Mr. Martin Mba from INS Cameroon and Mrs. Julienne Aitchedji from INS Niger. At the end of the workshop, ANSD successfully documented the surveys. These were subsequently reviewed and finalized by the facilitators and ANSD and posted on their on-line catalog (NADA).

The workshop provided the necessary training on the NESSTAR publisher and documentation techniques to the new staff of the ANSD and also reinforced the technical capacity of the experienced participants. During the closing ceremony, the participants expressed their interest in continuing to institutionalize the documentation process and ensure that all departments of ANSD are fully documenting the surveys and disseminating them through NADA.

The ADP will continue to provide support to ANSD to ensure that their staff has the necessary training regarding documentation and to expand the documentation, dissemination and archiving activities to other departments and ministries.