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Togo: Data Documentation Workshop and NADA Installation (August 2014)

Country / Regional Activity: Global
Date of Event: 04/08/2014

At the request of the INS in Lomé, two events were conducted back-to-back in Togo.

A microdta documentation workshop was held from 4-8 August. Nine persons of the INS were trained in the principles of data documentation using the Microdata Management Toolkit. Over 20 surveys were introduced into the documentation process. The workshop was conducted by Martin Mba from the Cameroon Statistics Office. The ADP continues it south-south collaboration and draws from high performing statistical offices in support of the program and the aspirations of other statistical institutes in the region.

The second workshop took place from 11-15 August for a NADA installation. The INS successfully installed a NADA and today contains 20 surveys. The NADA can be seen at: It is linked to the INS web site. The ADP again used resources from the region and Afristat participated by sending their own web developer to Lomé, Abdoulaye Doucoure.
Further collaboration is envisioned with Afristat in the area of DDI reviews and NADA checks.

The data documentation workshop and the NADA installation were fully undertaken with south-south collaboration.