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Yemen: Microdata Management Toolkit Traning (August 2014)

Country / Regional Activity: Yemen
Date of Event: 25/08/2014

A Microdata Management Toolkit training was held for 3 representatives of the Yemen Central Statistics Office. The workshop was held in Amman, Jordan from August 24-28 at the Arab Institute for Training and Research in Statistics (AITRS). Although instability in Yemen obliged the workshop to be held in Jordan, the CSO and the ADP are both committed to maintaining the survey record for the Government of Yemen. The investment in data acquisition is important and requires careful preservation. Developing metadata and tracking the survey activities and the record is a key part of the ADP regional focus in fragile countries.

The ADP will developing a more focused strategy for dealing with specific issues related to data archiving associated with fragile countries.

Special thanks to the participants and also our regional partner PCBS and the AITRS for hosting the event.