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Papua New Guinea: Introduction to Data Documentation (December 2014)

Country / Regional Activity: Papua New Guinea
Date of Event: 18/12/2014

At the request of the statistics office in PNG, the ADP undertook an inception visit to the statistics office of Papua New Guinea (PNG). Meetings were held with key officials on December 18 and a one-day orientation on the IHSN and ADP was conducted at the National Statistics Office in Port Moresby on December 19. In attendance were more than 40 participants from the different departments of NSO, the Bank of PNG, the Departments of Health, Agriculture and Education. The ADP provided a review of processes of data documentation, archiving and dissemination process. The IHSN tools were then introduced with a brief hands-on session. Another session was devoted to microdata dissemination concerns and designed to inform the participants on the preparations necessary for dissemination.

The participants were given time to have a hands-on experience on survey metadata documentation. They then witnessed the uploading of their outputs to the NADA. These enhanced their appreciation of the necessity of documentation and archiving prior to dissemination. The participants gave positive feedback. The NSO look forward to receiving full-training of the tools to improve their services. Certificates were awarded by the Director of the Statistics Office, Mr. Roko Koloma.

This activity will prepare PNG to participate in a broader data dissemination policy workshop to be funded by the Australian government for the Pacific Region. The ADP will be leading this workshop with the assistance of an Australian grant.