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Ecuador: DDI Expansion Workshop (November 2014)

Country / Regional Activity: Ecuador
Date of Event: 10/11/2014

On November 10, the INEC of Ecuador hosted a conference of data producers in the National Statistical System (NSS). The producer conference was attended by 25 representatives from the NSS.

This conference was followed with a 4-day hands-on workshop on data documentation using the IHSN data documentation tools. This 4-day session was attended by 20 participants. The workshop falls under the national initiative to establish the National Statistics Office (INEC) as the certifying body of the metadata produced in the NSS. The Director of INEC, José Rosero, emphasized the need to establish a modernization process in the production of statistics. This would involve the establishment of channels for inter-agency coordination within the NSS. A unified statistical plan under the Ecuadorian National Statistics Program would govern the process. A uniform code of practice would be implemented by the by the INEC with the expected result of producing transparent, timely and quality metadata.