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Yemen: Publishing a NADA under extreme difficulties (April 2015)

Country / Regional Activity: Yemen
Date of Event: 16/04/2015

The ADP continues to support Yemen in difficult times. The CSO has received support in data documentation from the ADP in recent years. The ADP work program had planned to provide an archive which could be managed internally through a local ISP. Recent events in Yemen have threatened the establishment of a central data archive. Preservation of the survey metadata is of paramount importance even as institutions struggles to cope with a breakdown in the government function. Yemen is a key country in the PARIS21 Fragile State strategy. While the CSO is virtually non-functional with the deteriorating situation, PARIS21/ADP continue to keep in track of events as they develop. The ADP through this period continues to provide support. Reaching out to key personnel, the CSO has just published its National Data Archive (NADA) in the midst of the turmoil. The ADP maintains a secure server off site which can be used by countries in transition as part of a strategy to secure their data and metadata. The server is designed to provide incubating services and eventually transfer control to the National Statistics offices that use this service. Securing the investment in data acquisition is currently the primary objective of the ADP when working in Fragile States. As the situation re-stabilizes, the ADP will stand prepared to transfer the work to a central archive at the CSO. The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) has been providing critical technical support in data dissemination in the region and is a key technical supporter to the CSO in Yemen. The ADP remains committed to the process of promoting the documentaiton work in Yemen and will continue to provide support remotely and assess the situation. Yemen together with the countries in the Horn of Africa provide an example of how even in the face of adversity, dedicated country civil servants are functioning under the most difficult of circumstances.

The link below is to the Yemen archive as published during the current crisis:

Photo by: lelebella