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Tanzania: ADP extends collaboration with EASTC on microdata management in the Eastern Africa Region (May 2015)

Country / Regional Activity: United Republic of Tanzania
Date of Event: 10/06/2015

The ADP is highly successful in building capacity for microdata documentation and dissemination in countries around the globe. Alone in East Africa Region, the National Statistics Offices of 18 countries and two regional research institutions have participated in the ADP and opened up their survey data for researchers to use.   To sustain the good practices of data management in countries in cost effective manner, the ADP trains regional resources with a farther reach. These in turn can help extend the use of best practices. For this reason, the ADP undertook training at the Eastern Africa Statistical Training Center (EASTC). The EASTC is located in Dar es Salaam and has been established as a regional statistical training centre to support 18 member countries for building capacities of their national statistician.

The ADP mission took place from 18 to 22 May 2015. The main objectives of the mission were to inform EASTC on ADP tools, activities and achievements. The ADP provided training to selected staff for undertaking the ADP quality assessment of the documentation undertaken in the region. In line with its objectives an intensive training on the use of Nesstar Publisher, NADA application and Metadata quality checklists (DDI & NADA) was given to selected 5 staff (3 statisticians and 2 IT staff). The training on ADP quality and a review of the quality checklists was very productive in informing the EASTC staff on primary issues in metadata quality. They have also provided useful feedback to further improving the quality assessment tools. A regional ADP quality assessment workshop for 5 countries in the region (Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) is proposed to be held in EASTC at the end of August 2015.