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Introductory training in data documentation at the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and Jordan Department of Statistics (November 2009)

Country / Regional Activity: Jordan, West Bank and Gaza
Date of Event: 26/11/2009

The Arab Institute for Training and Research in Statistics (AITRS) based in Amman hosted a 5-day Microdata Management Toolkit training. Five (5) representatives from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) and 3 representatives from the Department of Statistics (DOS), Jordan attended the training. The group archived 5 surveys and was also exposed to the National Data Archive software.

PCBS has over 100 surveys that are currently available on-line yet they are not in the DDI format. As a result of the training, the PCBS will plan to put their survey archive into the DDI and browsable using the web based National Data Archive (NADA) application.

A presentation was also done to the management of the DOS in Amman to introduce them to the DDI and good practices in data archiving.

On the photo: Participants at the training. From left to right: Mr. Ashraf Samara (PCBS), Ms. Eman Al Da’ja (DOS); Mr. Khalid Kawajah (AITRS); Mr. Hussein Mugamis (PCBS); Ms. Amer Waafa (DOS); and Mr. Mohammed Qalalwa (PCBS).