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Mali INSTAT meeting Users on its draft microdata dissemination policy (28-29 June 2010)

Country / Regional Activity: Mali
Date of Event: 28/06/2010

A national workshop was organized in Bamako, Mali, 28-29 June 2010. More than 40 Participants from the Malian NSO (INSTAT), line ministries, international partners, university and civil society - discussed the draft microdata dissemination policy prepared by INSTAT. The policy materializes INSTAT commitment to make its microdata accessible and used, in line with the national legislation and its strategic plan.
The initiative was praised by participants who prepared and agreed on a list of recommendations and an action plan to finalize the existing draft. The official launching of the policy - along with the tools to enable microdata dissemination- is scheduled for the African Statistics Day in mid November 2010.

ADP supported and participated in the event - the first one to be organized in West Africa.