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Microdata management discussed at the Philippines National Statistical Coordination Board Executive Meeting (Pasig City, 9 November 2010)

Country / Regional Activity: Philippines
Date of Event: 09/11/2010

ADP was presented at the Philippines National Statistical Coordination Board Executive Meeting (Pasig City, 9 November 2010)
Mr. Francois Fonteneau, ADP Program Coordinator at OECD/PARIS21, was invited to present the ADP during the fourth quarter Executive Board (EB) Meeting of the Philippines’ National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) held in Pasig City.
The Philippine Statistical System (PSS) is highly decentralized and the NSCB-EB sets the policies to coordinate the system. The EB is chaired by the Secretary of Socio-Economic Planning. Members of the Board are Undersecretaries of the different Departments of Government as well as Heads of the major statistical agencies.
To date ADP assistance to the PSS has built statistical capacity for documentation of surveys in four agencies: National Statistics Office, Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics, and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. The first three agencies now have online survey catalogues using the IHSN NADA application. Recognizing the benefits from documentation and the online catalogue, the NSCB issued a resolution enjoining all statistics producing agencies of government to archive and document microdata using international standards. Mr. Fonteneau was invited to present the ADP to enlighten the members of available assistance.
In his presentation Mr. Fonteneau briefly introduced the ADP, discussed the results obtained in the Philippines, and listed areas where the Program could continue partnering with the PSS. The areas for future collaboration were based on feedback from data users on the information accessed through the online catalogues. The following discussion focused on the sustainability of these activities within the PSS, and the need to approach microdata dissemination in a coordinated manner with the design of formal policies and procedures. The ADP will continue its support in 2011 to the PSS and the workprogram is being discussed with interested parties.