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Uruguay: INE innovates and proposes new services to survey data users (April 2013)

Country / Regional Activity: Uruguay
Date of Event: 01/04/2013

The Instituto Nacional Estatistica (INE) Uruguay keeps adding new services to its microdata users to its NADA on-line survey catalog.

These new functionalities include:

  • Linking each dataset documented to an Open Statistical Data repository, where microdata is published in open data format. The system uses tools like ”Google Fusion Tables”.
  • Enriching the site with API for developers. Software developers have the opportunity to access the microdata repository directly from their own applications trough an application programming interface based on “Google Fusion Tables API”.  
  • Linking statistical data with thematic maps and interactive charts. Tools used include: “Google Fusion Tables”, “Google Maps” and “Google Charts”.
  • Publishing OLAP Cubes implemented in Pentaho-Mondrian for multidimensional analysis using Excel or Open Office pivot-tables; interactive cross-tabulations linked with metadata of each dataset.