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Tajikistan: statistics office receives training on microdata management and launches first internal microdata catalog (December 2013)

Country / Regional Activity: Tajikistan
Date of Event: 09/12/2013

As a follow up to previous activity in 2011, the Tajikistan Statistical Agency (TAJSTAT) hosted a production workshop on microdata archiving and dissemination from December 9 - 13, 2013. The workshop was facilitated by the World Bank and PARIS21 as part of the Accelerated Data Program (ADP). Training was provided to eight staff members from different TAJSTAT departments on the use the Nesstar metadata editor (Nesstar Publisher).  Additionally, training was held on the management of the web cataloguing application NADAStaff from the IT department was trained on how to install the NADA and how to manage the application.  During the hands-on production part of the workshop each of the participants documented a study and uploaded the completed work into their newly created internal NADA catalog. Upon completion of the workshop the catalog was presented to the agency’s Deputy Director Mr. Norov

World Bank Senior Statistician Matthew Welch was the mission leader. PARIS 21 consultant Antonina Redko, helped facilitate the workshop as it was undertaken in Russian. Participants worked with the latest 4.0.9 version of Nesstar Publisher and IHSN version 1.6. Russian templates as well as the latest release of NADA  (4.1). The following studies were documented in Russian: Censuses 2002 and 2010 ,Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2005, Labor Force Surveys 2009 and 2004, Survey of Personal Farming Plots 2011, Construction Survey 2010, Survey of Transportation and Insurance Cost in Imported Goods 2010.

Dmitry Zaharov, Kodir Manonov, Abdugaffor Sharipov, Saidrahmon Sultonov, Niluifar Huseinova, Hilola Begova, Shahlo Alimova and Safina Faizmamadova attended the workshop. Parviz Yakubov and Furkat Mirpochoev, who had attending an ADP training before, provided additional support to participants. Poverty Economist Alisher Rajabov from the World Bank Tajikistan Country Office worked closely with TAJSTAT management to organize the training.