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Colombia: Microdata Outreach Workshop (October 2014)

Country / Regional Activity: Colombia
Date of Event: 22/10/2014

A Microdata Outreach Workshop for both users and producers was co-hosted by the National Statistics Office of Colombia (DANE) and the ADP on 20 – 22 October 2014. The objectives of this 3 day workshop was to promote data available at DANE, along with their newly extended data archive. This workshop facilitated the dialogue between users and producers on data availability, access, use and ways to collaborate in the future, with DANE as the official coordinator of the National Statistical System. The first day was divided up into two main sessions aimed ar raising awareness among users and producers on the importance of using statistics for decision-making. Over 100 participants attended the first day including data users and producers from various ministries, departments, agencies, universities, think tanks and divisions within DANE. Day two and three focussed on the access and use of microdata, and shared experiences from users of microdata. Both days were geared towards users that have used DANE’s microdata for academic purposes. The three-day workshop ended with participants requesting more and regular exchanges of similar nature. DANE encouraged users to provide any feedback and continue to contact DANE when necessary.