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Mali: Afristat to lead on ADP quality assessments (April 2015)

Country / Regional Activity: Mali
Date of Event: 20/04/2015

The Accelerated Data Program will be conducting a series of quality assessments at the regional level during the third and fourth quarter of 2015. Regional partners are being selected to form the hubs of the assessment work. The assessment work will include reviewing the quality of the ADP output, such as the NADA and the quality of the documentation or the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI). A series of quality assessment tools has been developed and will be implemented at the regional level. These include minimum quality standards for publication of the ADP output. A key part of the ADP is to insist on the importance of publication standards and the need to apply the same rigorous review methods of printed documents is required before posting on the internet. Often, the ease of posting results on the web does not account for establishing a review process. The ADP is training key personnel at the regional level to become quality experts and assure that these minimum standards are adhered.

Pictured here from right to left are: Abdoulaye Doucoure, NADA expert; Rokiatou Samake, DDI Expert; Freeman Amegashie, Afristat Focal Point and Martin Mba, NSO Expert from Cameroon in data dissemination.