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Nepal: CBS expands the microdata documentation initiative in NSS (August 2015)

Country / Regional Activity: Nepal
Date of Event: 24/08/2015

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) of Nepal in collaboration with the Accelerated Data Program (ADP) organized a five-day Microdata Management Training and Data Documentation Expansion Workshop in Kathmandu from 24 to 28 August 2015. Three agencies of the National Statistical System (NSS) were invited by CBS to the data documentation workshop were namely – Ministry of Agriculture and Development (MoAD), Ministry of Health and Services (MoHS) and the Department of Civil Registration (DoCR). The purpose of the training was to build capacity of CBS staff on microdata documentation and introduce and expand the best practices in NSS.

A total of 14 participants attended the workshop. Along with the latest surveys and censuses from CBS and DoCR, the data documented from MoAD and MoHS also includes administrative data, i.e. Volume and unit price of agriculture commodities in Nepal for 15 years, and Annual HMIS report of 2012/13 – EPI & Family panning respectively. Among others the studies documented from CBS include the latest Population and Housing Census 2011, Agriculture Census 2011, and Census of Manufacturing Establishment 2012. The metadata produced during the workshop are under close scrutiny and will be published soon on CBS NADA once the quality check is completed.

The workshop was held at Himalaya Hotel in Kathmandu and facilitated by ADP Programme Officer Mr. Mahesh Subedi.The workshop was formally opened by Mr. Bikash Bista, the DG of CBS. In his opening remarks he stressed on the importance of microdata archiving and the extension of the best practices across the National Statistical System in Nepal. He emphasized on the need for an effective data sharing and dissemination mechanism among major official data producers in Nepal to allow easy access to data for researchers and policy makers and expressed his thought that the CBS NADA could be a common platform for disseminating such data and metadata produced in the NSS. On behalf of CBS, he expressed gratitude to ADP/PARIS21 for a continued support to microdata management in Nepal.